Eclisse is a world-famous producer of sliding pocket door systems.

Everything started in the late 1980s when a metal joinery shop established in the 1960s gradually began to specialize in the production of metal sliding systems for doors and windows. The decision to diversify from the original De Faveri S.r.l. production gave rise to the idea of systems for pocket sliding doors, a new product to be developed in series.
Officially, the Eclisse story starts on January 10, 1989, the date on which Luigi De Faveri founded Eclisse.
The enterprise, an ambitious project which was not free of risks, required major investments to set up cutting-edge industrial plants and compete on a highly selective market.
In the 1990s, Eclisse grew through hard work and a steadfast commitment to research and innovation as well as through the team spirit of those deeply involved in this project.
Expansion of the models and the range of processes plus the ability to innovate products and process gradually brought encouraging market development, both in Italy and abroad.
Today Eclisse is a renowned brand, benchmark for the industry, leader in the field with 10 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 30 representative offices and 2000 distributors in Italy able to produce 1300 frames a day.


The fundamental milestones


1989 - 1995

De Faveri Luigi inaugurates Eclisse S.r.l. in Falzé di Piave, Treviso. This is where the models Unico, Estensione, Novanta, Telescopic and Unilateral are manufactured. In 1991 the company receives its first patent: the weld-free system for connecting the mesh to the counterframe (solid wall version). The fact that this system lacks any welding prevents rust and detachment of the mesh. The same year, the company also patents the fully extractable track. A year later, Eclisse tests a stud wall installation kit with aluminium profiles and screws.


1996 - 2000

In 1996 the company moves to a fully dedicated site in Pieve di Soligo. That same year, Eclisse inaugurates the first subsidiary under the name of Eclisse France (Quimper). Expansion and consolidation on international markets brings Eclisse to Poland. Eclisse Polska opens in Tczew. Again in 2000 the company launches its corporate website www.eclisse.it.


2001 - 2005

The distribution network expands to Austria: it is the turn of Eclisse Wien, in Vienna. In 2002 group development leads to the opening of Eclisse CR in Prague. On the production front, Eclisse revolutionises the concept of the sliding door system and produces Luce, a system arranged to accommodate electrical wiring, and Circular, the system for curved doors.


2006 - 2009

In 2006 the company opens Eclisse Iberia, in Sant Quirze De Besora and Eclisse Slovakia in Banska Bystrica. The first version of the sliding door system without jambs and architraves is launched under the name Syntesis. A year later, Eclisse Brasil (Vila Velha) is the first Eclisse subsidiary across the Atlantic. In 2008 Eclisse Deutschland GmbH opens in Karlshöfen and the next year Eclisse Est in Bucharest.


2010 - 2011

On January 1, 2010 Eclisse UK (Horncastle) becomes the Eclisse distributor in Great Britain. The same year, the company opens its first Italian showroom completely dedicated to Eclisse sliding door systems in Milan. Eclisse launches Ewoluto, the first sliding door system on the market where furniture, shelves and other objects can be mounted on the wall of the pocket.
In April 2011 Eclissedoor, the Portuguese subsidiary, is founded in Lisbon.

Showroom de Prague


In spring, Eclisse launches Syntesis® Luce, which combines the integrated structure of the Syntesis® profile with a box-frame fitted with wiring conduits, so that the wall in which the counterframe fits can have light points, switches, dimmer controls, sockets and thermostats.

In the same period, the company opens a new showroom completely dedicated to Eclisse sliding door systems in Prague, inside an interior design centre named Anděl Park. 



Eclisse introduces Syntesis®Collection, the pocket sliding door system that doesn’t use architraves and jambs to cover up the rough edges, because it hasn’t got any. Its strong, cleverly designed interior structure supports a sleek external profile that fits perfectly with a modern, understated approach to contemporary interiors. The same year opens in Rome the exhibition space Eclisse in collaboration with Ikonos.



Eclisse celebrates its first 25 years.



Eclisse Shodo Collection. The first integrated system for sliding pocket doors and flush hinged doors that applies with no interruption: jambs, architraves and baseboards become flush with the wall.



Eclisse Syntesis Tech  is the solution that completes the Eclisse Syntesis Collection range and allows service compartments to be hidden and integrated with discretion in the wall.



Eclisse BIAD DS, bi-directional damper.



Eclisse opens its first showrooms in Pescara (Italy) and Munich (Germany). Not only a simple showroom but also point of reference for architects, interior designers and private customers. Places for training sessions and to meet the complete Eclisse collection.