“[e]motion” is the new Eclisse linear motor.

[e]Motion is the new linear motor for Eclisse pocket sliding doors. The magnetic technology applied makes it very silent and easy to install.

The motor is already assembled with power supply and switch cables and ready to be inserted into the models Single.


Plug & Play

Just connect the motor to the power supply (AC 230v) and operate the switch.


Self Setting

The innovative electronic control system installed inside the track starts a self-setting process which senses passage size, weight and friction of the door, in order to set the opening-closing door cycle (speed and acceleration).




Once the self testing is finished, it is possible to modify the door opening speed, the opening time, and the sensitivity to obstacles.


Fitted as standard for the following functions:

Push&Go: through a light manual impulse on the door handle, the system starts an opening cycle automatically

Automatic: the door opens by means of an impulse from radar, switch or remote control. Once opened, the door closes automatically.

Open: selecting this mode, the door keeps opened. This function  allows the manual opening of the door as well.

Manual: in case of power failure, [e]motion works in manual mode. The absence of mechanical elements guarantees, however, a slight and silent movement.


Optional fittings:

  •  Remote control
  •  Radar
  •  Electromechanical lock with remote control


[e]Motion fits:

- Passage sizes in mm: L 700 ÷ 1300 x H 1000 ÷ 2600
- Max door weight 80 kg
- Starting from finished wall thickness of 95 mm

Note: if applied to a sliding system already installed, the clearance H is reduced of approximately 20 mm.