Syntesis® collection


Eclisse Syntesis® Collection is the concept of a new wall, a design element creating unique expression spaces, to interpret with the eloquence of colour, or with the camouflage discretion of white.

Syntesis® Collection includes pocket sliding solutions without frames, solutions for hinged doors flush with the wall, and an innovative profile baseboard, offering a complete and modular system for a completely smooth wall.

A new idea of planning, with different high technologies integrated in the wall, providing techniques and products for the achievement of functional and stunning surfaces.

With Syntesis® Collection the house location opens up to new creative directions, in a perfect stylish and linear frame.



  Syntesis® Line is the pocket sliding system without jambs and architraves.
Thanks to the total integration in the wall and the absence of frames along its perimeter, this system reaches a perfect synthesis between technology and design for a stunning aesthetic
result. The pocket system includes technical details that can be pre-rendered or plasterable, allowing the door and the wall to have the same finishing and guaranteeing a perfect camouflage effect.


Syntesis® line stud wall version: constructive details

Syntesis® line solid wall version: constructive details


  Syntesis® Luce is the pocket sliding system without jambs and architraves, combining aesthetic and functionality. Designed to obtain clean lines, this product, thanks to its patented technology, fits out with dimmer controls, switches and sockets into the wall hosting the box-frame. Special constructive details such as integrated structure profiles (vertical bars, pre-rendered or plasterable upright
and stop jamb) allow the wall to be extremely homogeneous while hiding the door, while Eclisse Luce technology grants the box-frame to be arranged with electric devices. Up to 10 electric boxes per door panel can be installed (5 on a side and 5 on the other). In the model Syntesis® Luce glass doors can be installed, using the Vitro set.


  Syntesis® Line battente is Eclisse solution that allows installing a hinged door flushing with the wall, this means a door with no frame: no jambs, no architraves. The doors can be painted in the same colour of the wall, perfectly hiding from view, and blending in with the rest of the wall. Alternatively, the door panel can be lacquered or decorated with finishing
 or prints that play them up, becoming real design elements. The same aesthetic and structural characteristics are present in the frameless sliding pocket door systems Syntesis® Line and Syntesis® Luce. Matching both solutions together, sliding and hinged, you can get a perfectly coherent and minimal result.


  Syntesis® Tech is the solution that completes Syntesis® Collection's range. It allows to contain technical rooms.
Wiring, plumbing, electrical systems, and even closets can now be hidden and discreetly integrated into the wall.
Thanks to Syntesis® Tech, the wall looks completely unchanged while the technical spaces remain accessible, to intervene only when needed, through comfortable push-pull openings.
On demand are also available handles with lever or with key. Customizable with any type of opening, single leaf, double, folding or removable panel, Syntesis® Tech allows you to hide any item or equipment that normally we do not want to be visible, leaving it inspectionable for any maintenance or repair.


  Syntesis® Baseboard (skirting)
is an innovative idea for decorating house spaces in an elegant, minimal and modern way. Unlike the traditional baseboard, this “flush with wall” version runs along the wall without protruding. In this way the furniture can be placed directly on the wall, without remodelling the baseboard.
This solution is possible by predisposing a hollow for the baseboard and placing the special aluminum profiles while creating the wall structure, before laying the floor.
The harmonious combination of Syntesis® baseboard is realized by matching it with the other Syntesis® Collection models.
PDF Brochure Syntesis Collection 2017